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I’m a software-engineering major at Texas Tech University and an amateur car guy. A few months ago, I did my first ride in one of the new Audi RS4 Coupes, and I couldn’t not post it here. It got about 10 miles per hour under the hood, which is pretty awesome, but it’s also pretty heavy—so heavy that the clutch and brake paddles are not in the correct locations. The front brake works, and so does the differential—but the brake pads are all in the wrong spots, and I have to reset it each time I want to reverse. Also, the wheel bearings are pretty much the last thing that you would want to put in your car, but there you go—my car is in a ditch.

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I’ve actually bought a car once in my life, a BMW 328i M3 that never sold to my dad. It was so slow that people who knew how slow it was would call me “slow as a snail,” but I loved driving it and loved driving in it. It was a good car, and I’m glad I bought the BMW. It was good at one point, and now it isn’t. I might get another one someday, but I’m not buying any more. I don’t care how slow it is—you’ve got to be able to drive it.

A few months ago, I ran into a fellow student and fellow student-athlete from a different school in Austin, whom I’ll call Kevin by the end of today. We crossed paths about the time I was getting out of his car, and Kevin just shook my hand (as he has a lot of people do) and shook it again. That got me really excited that, well, I knew the guy at least; and also, I had a big stack of tickets to get to Austin’s Civic Center. The only things I really wanted to do that day were go to Taco Bell and then meet Kevin, as he was a fan of mine who I’d had some kind of friendly encounter with, and then we would go to the game after.

Kevin doesn’t know that I write about cars, so he’s excited about the idea of going to see me and see me go. We were at my parents’ house, so I brought my

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