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Not only you don’t notice the Tar but in addition to the Tar they were the only plants of their kind so it took them far longer to adapt to the cold than any other plants (even in colder latitudes and tropical areas the plants only adapted at higher levels but it was because their ancestors were adapted for life in the deserts and forests instead) so they had to learn and evolve to be able to handle all these different climates. This is the reason why I think Tar man was just one man (and a dinosaur) who knew how to make Tar plants.

That said the Tar plant has been the main source of food for the Tar people. It is the only plant that has shown to be able to grow in different climates. It is also the only plant that we know of that has a long history of being able to survive in different climates.

Can you tell us what happened to all the Tar people?

Probably not. Although I have heard that for example, a lot of people from Spain were killed by the Moors for not understanding that the Tar plants were medicinal and thus were no longer good for their health. It is hard to say how many were killed but I would say the majority of the population was killed at the time the Spaniards were conquering the regions. We only know that the Spaniards did not have much success with capturing them however.

Are there any other species from Tarman?

No, Tarman is a unique species and there is a single species of Tar plant. It is probably the most distinctive plant and there are only a few others that might be described as such. Many Tar plant species are very closely related to Tar man, but there is also one species of plant that is so similar to Tar that it was the subject of the first species name. It is the plant that grows in the mountains and marshes around Tar. You could call this plant in all those places Tar man.

Was Tar man hunted by man?

Tar Man was hunted by humans. There are many different theories of what happened though. In my opinion (and many other ancient sources) Tar Man was just somebody who walked around the deserts and marshes and tried to find food. They made him a shelter and set him on fire that he had no way of getting out of. He was found after days and even weeks without any signs. When he was found he was naked, and he could have died in the sun or when it got too cold because he was not

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