Is Singing natural or learned? – How To Learn Music At Home In Telugu

You have a natural voice and it is definitely a part of your music, the way it is is very important for your singing. The way you sing can tell you a lot, your pitch, technique and that is why this type of music is definitely a part of your personal music.

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For me, I’ve always wanted to sing really natural because as a girl you always want to sound beautiful in the mirror and that’s what my singing looks like in a lot of films and with videos. But I still believe that learning a natural voice from the beginning is important for the way you sing and for other areas of your life, but it is not the end all.

In my first album The Song, I sing a lot of songs with a natural voice. I want to sing like I do and I always ask my voice teacher to help me a lot and my singing teacher knows me all too well and I listen to her voice so much. She knows what I need and she is always there for me. To me listening to this voice for such a long time, that is a beautiful thing. But, my natural voice is something that you only learn after you have it, just by watching the movie or listening to music and in my case I never had it, but after years I was able to sing naturally for my own singing, music and life because I listened to so many different artists and this is why it is like natural for me now.

What are you practicing? What exercises do you practice?

I’m really active in my singing practice. In my singing practice I just practice all the things I learned in this music: how to sing with pitch, my technique, the rhythm of my voice, the range and the different voices of that particular singing voice. It is like a very long process to learn a new voice, so the sooner you master the more people you can sing for.

I think it takes a long time to learn a new voice. A lot of these singers try their voice but they don’t master it and then they try singing again some more with the same voice, but after a year nothing has changed in the singing voice but there is still something missing. I think a lot of singers have mastered some songs already and I think that will eventually happen, but it will never happen fast. The more you practice, you realize that you have a lot more control over your voice and your voice is able to express more than before.

What do you think about the state

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