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There are three main types of liquid we are considering to pitch in the future.

1. Dry hops

There’s an old saying that you only need 5 hops to make 5 gallons of beer; just use these. And, they are a great way to increase your potential. I always use my dry hops in this manner as they are a great hop alternative to dry-hopped beers. Dry hops are basically dry hops and use the same method on the beer with a few differences that may not be apparent until your bottles are gone.

Here is a quick list on how dry hops work. They are often said to be the most difficult to pitch. When I say difficult or difficult, think of hops as “less bitter,” and remember that the lighter your beer gets, the more bitter the hops will also become.

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When you have a beer that’s already been fermented, the brewer will use the hops to start the yeast’s growth. When the yeast is going through its prime, it is in the point where it is “growing for food,” and will then put off as much alcohol as their body is able to hold. In short, it’s a bit like the end phase of cooking when you cook with a light flame. After about 25 minutes, the yeast will cease its growth. And, a small amount of the wort will have been “cooked off.” Because of this, the beer will begin to “melt” from the inside out. And, the wort is really just an oily residue of starch, that the yeast has added. The more it adds to your beer, the drier the beer will be. The wort also adds enzymes into your beer like alpha acids.

The yeast will not add any more alcohol to the wort once it “melt’s off.” This is because it’s already getting too dry. If you want to use hops, then let the yeast dry and go back to using your dry hops after it finishes “melt’s off.” This will allow for faster growth of the yeast and a fuller flavor of the beer, and a less bitter, more flavorful beer.

2. Dry malt extract (DME)

DME is basically all the hops left after brewing. This is a great way to increase the hop variety in your beer. After brewing and aging your beer for a few months, using this extract method will allow for better flavor and aroma. However, I would not recommend using it in a commercial brewery where you

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