Is it haram to be a singer? – Best Way To Learn To Sing

A: No.

Q: How does it apply to a person who dresses in the Islamic dress?

A: I think it applies whether they dress in a dress or a hijab.

Source – Islamweb

Q: So we can dress like that in public, but it is not permitted to go to a mosque for prayers.

A: No.

Q: How many women pray in all Islamic countries?

A: I don’t know how many Muslim states there are, but if you look at the world it is very small, especially countries from the Middle East.

Source – Ayaan Hirsi Ali Wiki – Islam

Q: What is the status of women in Islam?

A: What is good for you, is best for you.

Source – Qadhi Abu Sa’ad Islam

Q: What is the role of women in Islamic culture, and how is it affected by the Islamic State?

A: First of all, all women are human. What is not human is not permissible. That’s what every Muslim, regardless of their religion, says. When Islamic culture tells you, ‘this kind of dress, that kind of behavior, this is not normal.’ No, it’s part of Islamic values. The values are the same as they are in the West, but the culture is different.

Source – Mika Al-Boldawi Wiki – Islam

Q: What are some of the ways in which the current climate in the Middle East has contributed to the rise of ISIS?

A: It is important to mention that the current climate is not new. The climate has been building up, and the climate itself is still changing. It has been changing for all of us, and it hasn’t stopped. It’s only the way things have gotten so heated and violent with the rise of ISIS that we have become aware of the danger.

Source – The Independent

Q: Can someone who does not follow Islam worship in a mosque?

A: No.

Q: Would Islam be tolerated in the West?

A: Some may be. I can’t say that because I don’t know.

Source – Mika Al-Boldawi Wiki – Islam

Q: Do the Islamic State behead or kill?

A: No.

Q: Can women do the same job as a man in Iraq and Syria?

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