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It isn’t possible to know the quality of your singing voice. The best way to determine voice quality is by comparing your singing voice to your average voice and singing voice with other singers who share similar characteristics. (A comparison may be an online music analysis).

What do you say?

I can do this.

I can do this!

How can you do this?

With my very own heart!

How big is this voice?

It’s amazing!

I’ve never heard that before!

Oh, I remember.

How are you?

A supermodel!

What do you think?

Very happy.

Very happy.

Very strong.


How much is that?

Oh, you’re really big, aren’t you?

That’s my mom’s size!

That’s nice.

You should do more acting.

No! I’m too nervous! I don’t know if I can do that!
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Why did you become a singer?

Because it’s what they tell me to do.

I don’t want my parents to see me doing it!

You’re doing it for a good cause!’s kind of a cool thing in Japan for being able to perform.

So what do you think, kids?

Are you afraid of people thinking you don’t know how to sing?

Of being mocked as a kid?’s kind of embarrassing when people say I don’t know how to sing..but in reality…I don’t even know how to start singing!

You’re so cute!

No…I’m not cute at all.

Why don’t you just stay in my room?

I have to be home to do it!

Your mother must be so happy for you.

Isn’t my mom always busy?

Her face looks so pretty.

You’re the worst!

Oh, this is embarrassing!

This is so embarrassing!

Are you gonna cry?

Don’t cry! What a mess! I’m not upset at all!

I’m not upset at all.

Just like you.

Why did you ask me to do this?

Because you can feel your voice and we want to share the happiness

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