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You must have a very bright, clean, and open mind and open heart!

When you are talking to yourself, speak as naturally as if you are speaking to a live person. When you are making a phone call, you do not really want it to look like you and the person are talking the same, so you need to change your thinking in the process.

How often are you doing it?

It depends on your ability and how many times I’m doing it for you. Generally speaking, during the day, I can usually do at least 2 a day, during the week 1, 2, etc.

What if I have a migraine or any type of illness that limits me from hearing? What kind of time and method of communication do you recommend? Do I need to do this all the time (no)? (Yes)

You do not need to do all of these every day, especially for children! But when you feel you are talking to yourself during that time, or otherwise hearing the sound of the words, it’s often a sign of an illness that may be interfering with your hearing (a migraine, etc).

What if you are hearing impaired?

My personal opinion is that it’s more best to do this during the day (no) or less frequently in the evening (yes) as this is easier for your hearing.

If this is the case, then make sure to listen to your own voice as loudly and as clearly as you can.

I have a hard time reading people’s responses…

I often have clients with different levels of reading difficulties, so as the client, I tend to go above and beyond when reading their responses. This might involve giving them suggestions on what words or phrases they might want in their next text message or e-mail, or just telling them what they hear in their head. Other times I will read them their responses in my own voice, usually without actually telling them to type, so when they read back, it’s very natural and almost the same.

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I am often on the receiving end of very negative messages that make me feel like the person sending my messages is completely in-charge of how I feel, and I want to feel more like an equal. However, my clients and I are working to fix the problem.

Do they read back?

Yes. However, if you wish, you should always ask for their opinion beforehand so that the words you type and their

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