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– Do you like to sing with people?

– Your voice is good, don’t worry about how good it is. Just practice and you’ll be fine!

– Can you sing in all situations?
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– No, not for sure. I usually practice in the garden/garden areas but in other places I don’t think it’s needed since there are usually people around too.

– Do you prefer to sing on some instruments and others?

– I like to sing on every instrument but they’re not my favorite. I enjoy having an audience but sometimes they’re just too loud and I don’t like feeling a part of them.

Do You Sing a Variety of Songs?

– I do!

– Singing in public places is my most sought after skill. Everyone does it, even though they’re sitting a little too close together. I like to sing in public places, even if I’m alone. That way I can make it all about me and not have someone else feel bad.

Do You Sing “A” or “C” for “Classically”?

– Well, you can’t sing with a “C” but you can sing in a “A”. Since you can’t sing without a “C”, you need to sing with a “A”.

Do You Play the Piano and if so, What Kind of Instruments?

– I know piano. I like to play and practice for days before I go to the school and play in front of schoolmasters and go to school events where people are allowed to watch and ask for tips and tricks from me – and do my job with the people. Because I know the piano.

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

– When I was a young kid – I was a drummer and when I was about 14 I saw a movie called “Das Boot.” People really liked it but they didn’t know what it was and I didn’t see a place to play. So I went around and asked my neighbors and they said they would try me out. So I started my own band, it was called “The Big Top Band” and the name wasn’t for long though but I did a few shows with it and all showed up and said I really like it and got the opportunity to join them, so we called that band the “Red Hot Band”.

What Makes You the best singer?

– It’s the way I feel in my

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