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Voice actors create a unique sound by selecting the best combinations of notes, tones, vibrato, and timbre from over 3.5 million notes for a specific character. The voice becomes part of their personality and their voice can be used in countless different ways – be it as their own voice, on the radio, in video games, or in real life.

How well does voiceover work?

Voiceovers can add a personal touch to a video game, music video, or any other type of video. Voiceovers can give characters a unique, believable, and authentic voice that is a huge turn on for the viewer, whether at home, on the train, on a date, on a flight, or in a conversation. They can really help you get away from your favorite games or movies and really immerse yourself into the game world!

What’s the difference between voiceover and voice acting?

Voiceover is a type of video editing that allows for the addition of dialogue. In this specific case, the voiceover can be added to the video, so the video can look more like a movie. The difference between voiceover and voice acting is that voiceover is a specific type of voice work, while voice acting is a type of acting.

Do you have a special skill?

As you will find on this page, the voiceover industry is filled with a wide variety of skills and talents from voice actors to sound designers, composers, and actors. In fact, we know many actors that have only worked on a couple videos so far without even getting into casting!

“Sophisticated,” “vibrant,” “mixed with the natural,” and “exotic” are just a few words used to describe Canada’s national flag by international media outlets.

But the words themselves are actually little more than marketing for a nation built on the blood of indigenous peoples.

In the late 1970s, when Canada’s then Prime Minister Lester Pearson was touring Alaska and Canada’s western coast, one particularly memorable piece of media attention to his visit featured an English-speaking white man and an Aboriginal woman.

According to a report from the Vancouver Sun newspaper, the two “walked up to Pearson’s bus at a remote highway stop, posed for a snapshot, and the Sun asked the pair’s interpreter, Alok Kuchibhotla, what they wanted with Pearson.”

The Sun reporter wrote, “Alok had been to Alaska before,

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