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This story has been given a very different title, and you will probably not agree. But Noah’s ark is one of the biggest stories of the modern-day world. And its story continues to fascinate us.

Before the Flood, God created a lot of animals. The animals that survived were the animals that were most suitable for the needs of the new world and for our ability to survive it, so they were the animals that were most used for food. We are talking here about domestic animals, of course. Animals that were bred for the purpose of making our lives better. The animal that was most suited to Noah’s needs was the cow.

So God sent an angel to the cow and said: “Come out of Eden, you and all your descendants.” ( Genesis 9:1 )

And God says to a human angel in the heaven above, “Get into the ark I have made for you.” ( Genesis 9:8 )

“Get into” is the word used for “come in” in the Old Testament. He wanted the animal to enter into the ark, but the angel was not allowed to enter. “All of the birds,” the Bible tells us, “were told not to come out of the ark. They were to be sealed in place for safety until the day Noah came to save them all.” ( Luke 24:36-41 )

The question has always been: “How did God get the cow out of the ark?”

In all our human history the word translated as “ark” has always had two meanings: either in the literal Bible meaning as described above, or in the modern sense. Today the Bible defines a “Ark” as the “house” ( Genesis 6:23 ) in which God made all of His creatures, and Noah took the animals out of the ark as animals and placed them in their respective homes, Noah’s tent and the ark of the covenant.

It is also important to know that most of the animals that Noah brought into the ark were domestic animals, animals that had been bred for the sole purpose of making ours lives better. These are not wild animals like the camel or the ostrich that God called animals to save. And as our Creator intended, all these domesticated animals became the animals Noah and his family could eat and enjoy.

And there were no wild animals in Noah’s ark.

“There were no such things at all,

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