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Make a habit of practicing all the singing skills of the five elements – vocal, harmony, melody, rhythmic, melody scale and articulation (that’s when you pick the right words you need to sing), and then sing the words in the order in which she says them.

Make an effort when singing to notice how the listener’s vocal pitch changes as she moves through the song, just like what happens when you start to sing along with what the singer is saying.

Practice using the songwriting exercises given in our “Writing Songs” chapter.

When is vocal training useful?

Vocal training is really useful for the following situations:

When a singer needs to improve her performance in a particular aspect (see also “What is singing?”)

After working with vocal coaches or in concert.

How can I become a better singer?

When you’re singing in concert, you need to concentrate on the vocal performance – not on the way the singer’s body moves.

When you’re performing, focus on the vocal notes in the lyrics, not on how the vocal note sounds on your own lips.

Keep in mind that any kind of training is good – it doesn’t matter with whom you’re working.

Practice, repeat, repeat, try and enjoy it.

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Vocal training and musicianship

In the last book on Vocal Performance, our author had a lot to say about how training a singer can improve the rest of her singing. He said that learning “the basics” about singing is a key part of creating a powerful, powerful voice.

Here are some of his key suggestions:

Have good technique The most important thing is to develop the ability to pick a good note – not your technique. And the more you learn, the better, because it’s part of your voice.

A great teacher should be present When teaching you – you must learn from listening to other singers, performing with other vocalists, and reading reviews of vocal players.

Take up the practice When you practice, you need to make an effort to keep track of what you’ve learned at home and try to incorporate it into your singing without changing your technique.

Focus on harmony This is very important for the singers who work with professional orchestra and/or with bands. It’s really important to concentrate on the way in which

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