Does your singing voice get better with age? – How To Learn Dance At Home In Tamil

One study found that men with a good singing voice tended to stay in the profession for longer than their better-liked male competitors and older female competitors. A second study in 2001 concluded that male singers aged 60-69 with good singing voices had a higher standard of singing than both younger and older men but more singing ability.

“There is just something about the sound of your voice that stays the same whether you’re singing 10 songs a day or 30. It’s more about your personality, your soul, your soulful character.”

Do you feel lucky that the people who wrote “The Lion King” gave you a chance to sing in the movies?

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I have no idea. My parents are very religious Christians in a very secular culture. Most of them probably read something they were taught in school, and didn’t have a lot of opportunity to listen to my singing.

I don’t know if some people’s parents read that but my dad loved singing. He was such a good musician that he was always singing and playing guitar. He would always say, ‘You know, you need my music, I’ve got a recording of you singing. If I have my ears and my hearing, I can hear you even when you’re in a dark theater or a dark room, so it’s better than talking. If you can sing, why can’t I?'”

Are you sad you didn’t do as well in the movie adaptations as your real-life portrayal?

A little. It wasn’t very good.

You’re a former pop singer but you sound like an opera singer from the ’50s.

“It’s the thing that I had to do to get out of a career I’d been stuck in for most of my life. And in the pop world, people have a lot of preconceived notions about the roles you’re supposed to fit into. I thought I would play the classic role of being the star and a pop star,” she said.

When she became famous at 26, she found herself surrounded by young, glamorous men.

“They wanted to meet me and that meant they wanted to get to know who I was, what made me tick,” she said. “Once I got to know these people from these different professions, it opened my mind and made me realize, ‘This is not a career that I can keep doing.’ I realized I had nothing to lose and I wanted to keep singing.”

Are you planning to keep singing

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