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Some vocal nodules are actually the symptoms of a more serious condition called vocal cord injury. This involves damage to the vocal chords, the large muscles that hold the vocal cords in place. Symptoms will typically include a heavy, constant ringing in the ears and a sense of heaviness to the head, chest and limbs.

Can I get treatment for severe vocal cord injury?

Yes. The Royal Ottawa Hospital provides an array of vocal cord restoration treatments, including:

voice casts and soft tissue restoration

vocalized vocal tones (also known as speech-enhancing techniques)

vocal training techniques

voice-to-voice translation therapy

how to repair your vocal cords

What should I do if my voice becomes too rough on top of my colds?

Vocal chord damage can occur when the lining over the vocal folds are destroyed by cold air. If left untreated, a harsh vocal tone will be heard in your colds.

Colds can start or flare up in your colds, and if your throat begins to feel sore after your cold, the voice can become hoarse. If your cold starts in the voice box, you may find that your voice can get heavier, making you appear more nasal. If you find this to be true, you may need to stop using your hot water bottles because they can irritate the lining of your esophagus.

If you need to stop using your cold water bottle, try replacing it with a bottle with a warmer seal, which may have a different size mouth opening and therefore, a gentler temperature.

My colds are getting worse, what can I do?

If your colds are getting worse, try this. Put a towel over the neck of your pillow and wrap it in a damp towel to block out as much of the cold air as possible. If you do this for 15- minutes every hour, you should see a reduction in your symptoms and the cold symptoms disappear. If you can’t make that time a habit, try taking a hot shower with lots or hot water and a cool drink to bring down the temperature.

If you aren’t able to find a treatment for your colds, you should know that you may be able to use one of these alternative treatments.

vocalized vocal tones

a treatment of your own which involves the voice being performed “by hand”, a simple, inexpensive technique

a treatment which employs a device called a mouthpiece

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