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You can get a great deal for them when you do. For those who want to go on the cutting edge, here’s a list of places you can pick up these little guys.

Gift shops, gift cards, gift certificates, office supply, and medical stores – there are so many!

A friend of a friend recently was in town with her 2 kids. She went to the dentist and gave the dentist a box containing a bunch of lupus/thrush tissue. There are tons of websites that sell a variety of lupus tissues, but my favorite is the one from Dr Pepper and I use it almost daily and always get something great out of it (especially for dental situations).

A good source for a lupus/thrush tissue is the medical store that your dentist uses. The Lupus Foundation is a great source of these. The website is and I’ve used it and heard great things.

If you are an insurance company – they usually have a good stock of these tissues and you can ask them for it.

Do I need to tell you what to look for?

We’ve come this far. But what do you need to look for?
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The lupus tissue that you pick up should match the symptom. If the symptoms are only mild, then a single lupus tissue might be adequate. If they’re very severe, you might want to think about a larger collection. Some people are more susceptible to lupus than others. This is why most lupus-related tests are run on people who have just a moderate to mild form of the disease.

You may also want to look for the “thrush” that is a nodule on the back of the neck. Some nodules are harmless, such as those in the armpits or head and neck. If you notice these, you can give the nodal area one to two treatments before calling it in to your doctor.

Do you need to know all the symptoms?

Nodules should not take a great deal of time to form. This is an easy test to do, though. Go over the back of your neck using a pair of tweezers. Use both thumbs to push the lymphatic filaments straight up the back of the neck. This should be in the same place. If you notice it anywhere more on the back than on the head, look for other symptoms that match up

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