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Nodules can be tender and tender is okay. They may also be very sensitive (they feel numb) and red, but these red spots are usually easy to prevent by washing and washing again. The best way to stop nodules is not to worry about them (and they won’t hurt). The swelling (sensitization) will lessen over time. However, no matter how much you wash to avoid them for a while, the red spots will return. But you can also make them go away with rest (or prevent more by wearing a hat! This will prevent them by stopping the swelling, which is caused by nerves getting tighter, which also works).

Nodules sometimes turn red due to nerve damage when a small muscle from your voice or throat gets tighter (and is not moving like it used to). It is possible for something to develop in the muscle that can cause the red spot.

Many people are unaware of the condition called “craniofacial nodules,” which develop in the front of the upper voice box and can be red without having a nodule. As you can see on the photo, one of the spots was pink. Some people also have the nodules appear with others and it is very rare to have them all in one area at the same time. There are also other ways for nodules to occur. Some people with nodules tend to have a hard time breathing, as the muscle is too tight. In general, however, it’s best to avoid breathing into the “spot” without the rest of your voice.

How should I remove nodules?

If your baby has nodules, it can feel like they are hurting and even sometimes hurt too much to breath in. Nodules that are hard to remove can also be painful. The best way is to put some hot water in a bowl and give it to your baby after each feeding. There are two ways:

Your doctor can use a small syringe for this, while your baby does this.

You can try to gently massage your baby’s facial area and then gently use the plunger.

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What if I’ve already had a nodule removed and need another?

Since you can’t do anything with previous treatments, you may want to give your baby a booster booster shot to help him heal. If you want to, you can also use this medication (an injectable) called T3 (telaprevir 100mg).

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