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I’m in a long time since working here but I wanted to say that the employees and management was super helpful on all occasions I saw them. Even when it was difficult for me as manager to meet deadlines, I was always given support. Also to the other staff that were working in the office who were busy with various projects. I recommend this job to anyone who’s interested to apply for jobs there.

The new world’s biggest, most complex network. That is the vision presented by researchers from the United Kingdom and Germany today at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Workshop in San Diego. That’s because the researchers showed that they can, with just a few simple changes, produce what would have been considered ‘unreliable’ connections with other devices and materials. What’s more, the researchers’ efforts appear to be able to make them even more secure.

This isn’t your dad’s 3D printer.

In 2011, three teams of researchers set out to create the world’s biggest, most complex network based on solid-state circuits. One of them was from the U.K.’s University of Cambridge. The other two were from Germany’s Institute of Solid State Circuits and the California Institute of Technology.

The plan is to create a network of thousands of solid-state circuits — which, in layman’s language, are electronic devices like switches, transceivers or radio antennas, that can work together via superfast communication. The aim is to create the equivalent of a large cellular network in size. “Imagine a network of 10,000 people connected by optical fibre.” said Professor Jonathan Waisman.

Each chip is connected by a fibre optic cable, which is in turn connected to the network of interconnected chips, which the U.K. team designed specifically for such a network. The first thing the three teams had to do was construct a way to connect these wires without using the ubiquitous cable currently used to connect computers and Internet users. This required them to find a solution to what is called the “fiber-optic-fibre” problem. It comes down to the question of the length of the cable needed from the end of the device to an optic fibre at the other end.

The researchers solved this problem with the help of a “superfast” digital cable, a kind of optical fibre that runs in the direction of an electric field. “This superfast

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