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Yes, learning to sing is an integral skill. You cannot learn to be a singer without being physically gifted with a musical instrument that allows you to sing. But, learning to sing does not mean you will never have any other talent or ability. If you want to become a professional singer and perform as an adult, it is important to learn the basics of the instrument.

Can a person live a normal life?

If life is like a box of chocolates, you can still live a full, normal life. The main thing to remember is if you have the skills to perform, you can live with ease, and enjoy life. If you have the aptitudes to learn or perform, there is absolutely no reason to stay on the sidelines.

Will anyone ever get my soul back?

No. In the end, even though there are many people who feel they are alive on some level, there is no guarantee that the person is actually alive. It is possible for someone to say they died, but it is not possible to prove this. It is as possible as being said to be a ghost. You must be able to show proof of how you were alive in order to prove that you are indeed alive. As long as this condition remains unresolved, we will never get back our soul.

Can a person just “have a good time”?

No. The answer is no; there is no such thing as just having a good time. Just as a person can have a good time on their own, they can live this experience through music. If you can find and cultivate musicians who feel the power to make you feel what they feel, then you can have a truly enriching music experience.

Does a person have to be the first in this line of work?

No. You don’t need to be the first, and you don’t need to be the last either. There is nothing wrong with starting anywhere. The point is to find a place that feels fulfilling and where you feel the greatest sense of empowerment for making music and experiencing it as it is truly meant to be experienced. Even if this doesn’t feel like a natural spot for you, your music has the potential to be great or at least good for that band.

How will I feel if I never perform?

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If you don’t perform within a year, there is a chance that the fear will grow to a certain point and get hold of you and hold you back from achieving your fullest potential

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