Which instrument should I learn first? – Learn Piano Keys Video Please Me With Lyrics

If you’ve had some experience with a musical instrument in your life already, you should go by the “mainly piano” option. It seems that for the most part, students go all-out and go after instruments from the start of their training even before they reach their 1st year in the program.

But to keep things reasonable and balanced, I’ve taken the opportunity to split the list into 4 sections; you should learn at least piano, and if you’ve played instruments before, learn guitar as well.

If you’re ready to switch instruments (and want more tips than “go by your experience”), feel free to check out my advice page and my articles on learning new piano, guitar, and/or bass.

I feel extremely fortunate to work at a university where the opportunity is there to engage a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds. I can’t imagine anything that keeps you up at night, however, as far as my mental health, I have an interesting case. There is a very high risk of self-esteem issues, and I have experienced a great deal of anxiety from a lack of self-worth throughout my time at the university. When I first began a double major at the university, I was thrilled with the choice, so when the second year of my double major started with over a month of class time, I was quite apprehensive.

After about 9 months of continuous classes I was feeling pretty low-key and unsure about myself. What I didn’t know is that I had developed a lot of self-blame from my history of self-harm, and this started happening during my exams and post exams. Throughout the exams I would constantly focus on getting better, but I was more confident when not focused on getting a pass or losing on a test. I would feel like my own personal failure when doing poorly on a test, and when given an opportunity to pass on a test, would feel so ashamed that I would have to re-think why I failed, or that I failed. The anxiety was so large that it would even bring me to tears from the moment I decided to do poorly at a test and I lost the self-esteem that had already been so much a part of myself. I would then repeat my process in an attempt to increase my confidence, before even attempting my second year of the double major. I would never be a particularly social person, and yet despite this I was still struggling to be myself and feel more confident in my studies through my second two

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