Where is middle C on a piano? – Learn Piano Chords Pdf Chart Download

I’m not sure, except in the middle of a section, and if it’s in the wrong key, and if it doesn’t fit the chord.

This question was posed to me a while back. My guess is that it just wasn’t the right place for the chord or the bass line, so I put it out there.

I never got a response.

Anyway, what I’m telling you is, if you’ve got questions or want to post something that isn’t in a Guitarworld forum, here’s a place you can go:

Guitarworld: Guitar Q&A – I’d love to hear from you!

The answer is usually found somewhere on their website. That way you’d be on the hook for any questions posted there.

Don’t ask about the chords if the person isn’t sure where them on a keyboard is.

If they answer your question directly using the chords, they probably don’t know where they’re on the keyboard.

That’s not how it works on a guitar.

Try this little quiz by the guitar company, the Martin Guitar Company for example:

Q: What’s the second (note) on the chord for the G7 chord in C major?

A: C Major 7ths

Q: What’s the second (note) on the chord for the C7 chord in D minor?

A: C Dm7ths

I’d love to hear from you! Send me your questions by answering with the chords in Guitarworld.

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It looks like you’re not an expert with this stuff. You can’t even figure out the chords in three notes. I’m telling you, there are many more musicians and guitar teachers who can’t.

I’d love to hear from you.

Best regards,


PS: One other note: I’m working on a song at the moment. I got a suggestion for the title. I was wondering if you could

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