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How do I learn the keyboard?

How to play a piano?
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Where can I find free video tutorials of this genre of music?

Piano Piano

In music, piano, like all instruments, is a multi-faceted instrument with a unique style of playing. It may resemble a flute, harpsichord or keyboard. A piano is different from an organ or guitar because it has a specific range and tone. It can also have a more complex musical vocabulary than the others. In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know to play piano (which includes guitar, too!)

If you’re new to piano, or just want to brush up on your musical knowledge, you’ll find plenty of excellent music tutorials online. Some of the popular ones include:

You should be able to identify those videos you like, and play them on your guitar, with little effort. Once you have the knowledge, a little practice is the key to getting the most out of it!

Piano Guitar

You’re probably not thinking about guitar very much when thinking about piano. That’s because the piano is more of an acoustically-oriented instrument, and guitar is more a physical instrument. Piano is actually a very good beginner’s instrument. If you have no prior pian playing experience, you might take a few lessons, but you probably won’t need to do a ton of work on the instrument. Some common beginner questions include:

What is the major keys?

How do I learn the A minor keys?

How do I know the major scale of piano?

How do I change chords?

The best place to start is with one of these video clips. Some of the best videos to get started are posted below:

You’ll learn:

The major keys of the piano (left), how to play the A and E keys (right), and how to know the major scale of piano (center).

Learn the A minor “minor” keys (left), how to play the minor keys, and how to know the major scale of piano (center).

The major scale of guitar (left), how to play the “A” and “E” keys (right), as well as the major scale of bass guitar (center).

Guitar chords (left), how to play various chords

Hints, tricks and tips that will help you learn better on guitar


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