What keyboard is most like a piano? – Learn To Play Piano App

It’s hard to judge and most people can’t play the piano. It depends on the style of music it is and how different instruments fit into it.

My personal preference is a Yamaha JF-09 (that is the second keyboard that I got from my dad). It’s like a smaller Fender Precision Bass. It has some of the same features like the tremolo.

One drawback of the Yamaha is that it’s a piano, so its keys have to be more or less the same when it’s playing and you have to learn to play the key combinations. But, I could put something like the B3 in there and it’ll be good.

Doesn’t a piano have to be white?

No. A piano should sound the same on every other instrument so a black one won’t sound the same on you violin player than on you piano player.

How often should piano teachers play a pupil?

They shouldn’t play the student in public, but it’s fine if they do. It should be at a leisurely pace so they don’t get nervous (they must actually play the thing) and it should be fun.

If you work in a school with piano teachers, there should be two sets of teachers. One sets plays every day, and the other sets play only once a week.

Is anyone trying to teach piano?

I am! When I was a kid, I went to a piano teacher every day for a period of several weeks and he would teach me to play a few notes each week.

Then, while I was at the piano school, I was given the opportunity to try playing every note on the piano and I was shocked to see that it was the opposite. My teacher really started playing faster. He started playing faster when someone was talking and slow when he wanted to read out a text. Then, it was as if he thought he’d be better at my lessons if he played faster as I began to understand his playing. I didn’t have any clue why and I learned that playing faster wasn’t going to help me if I didn’t have some patience!

I was at the piano when I met Ben. We started working together in a very similar way. But the difference is that I learned to play a faster scale and that makes piano the most interesting and rewarding music to play for me.

Do piano teachers always play to the right key?

No. Sometimes they play to the left

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