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This question will definitely be on everyone’s mind so we have made this interactive chart, you can also find additional information related to learning music in this table. Check it out!

You must have a computer and a broadband connected to the internet to use the app to learn piano. It is a very basic app, you need to install it on your device.

This is my favourite free piano learning app, it is a little bit scary to learn, but it has the best reviews and it is easy to play. It also provides a lot of useful information and practice videos. All in all I really love this app, it has a simple interface with some good explanations of what the keyboard is for. It has a good number of tabs and exercises to practice and it gives many examples of songs you are going to learn in the future. If you look at the tabs, it is very easy to see which ones have the most use. Overall, a great piano learning app that you must download.

Pros Easy to learn

Lots of practice and tabs to practice

Useful content and explanations (videos, chord charts to practise on)

Excellent ratings, free version is extremely popular.
Free Animated Piano Notes, Chords Tutorials Online: Learn ...

Cons No free version

In terms of a free learning app, you have to really get the hang of playing the piano, though it is very easy to get to grips with just through listening. There is no online editor, so you need to go back and go through the lessons yourself and you have to learn the key signatures. There are tabs for each scale you want to do.

As you start playing, you can take notes at certain intervals, so for example you can play the first note as two thirds up from the key note (like in F/A). As you progress the lessons will become more detailed and you’ll start to learn the different keys, so you can play a few chords at a time. If you get stuck a couple of scales, the music and the lessons will provide lots of tips and instructions to keep you going. I liked this app so much (and the lessons that came with it) that I am now paying the monthly subscription to learn them all!

Pros Easy to learn, easy to learn, easy to learn, easy to learn

Some nice chords and exercise tabs

Useful exercises and lessons

Lots of tabs

Can be used with a desktop computer without any need for an internet connection.

Cons Low ratings


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