What is a good age to learn piano? – Self Teaching Piano Keyboard

From very young and even from children below 1 year. But very important, from the time the first finger, before the thumb, moves up – so we say, by 5 years and we are saying 7-12 years.

I’ve often said that if your piano is made in Spain you are playing the music of the country. And if it’s not made in Spain – it’s the work of a musician of another country or, if it was, it hasn’t been done carefully.

Can you tell me the story behind your name?

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Patti. The Italian word piniti means, as we say, “from the cradle.”

My first name is a play on words. So there is a story that goes on about me, saying that my name is Piniti. [Editor’s note: In the early 13th century, the Italian explorer Vasco da Gama was brought to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola by Columbus. After being adopted by the Hispanicans, Gama was sent to Spain to seek the advice of Spanish rulers. They named their family “Pina” to emphasize the name of the island.]

Do these people know me now as Pini?

Some do because they knew me as Piniti. Others are very quiet. Nobody knows Piniti. I do. Everyone knows me as Piniti.

How has your music changed over the years?

I changed a lot. I didn’t play like myself when I came here, my father didn’t play the music that I played with his orchestra, so I found more space for my compositions.

As my music improved, too, I’ve learned how to play differently. You can see how the music has changed over the years. My original compositions – my first piano pieces – I always play them in English.

A lot has changed over the years since I started playing here. The people have changed. The country has changed. As long as you have passion, you need love as well.

What music did you listen to before coming to Spain?

My father used to come to the U.S. from Chicago with his father and grandmother. His father taught a lot of music there and for my father and my grandmother.

I always liked listening to music with my father. And the first piano pieces I learned were from my grandfather in Chicago.

What did you think when you first came to the United States?

I knew that it had

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