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On a piano, a black key is the only key, on the upper piano floor, that doesn’t have a key on the lower piano floor. That means that, if you put a black key on the upper floor, all the other black keys don’t show up on the bottom. So, the upper piano floor is the only place in the piano world where you can play music. The black keys in a piano are like a fingerprint. You can’t hear them by putting them on, for instance, the bottom (or the bottom of the piano, which is the bottom in the old piano houses where you would play if you were a teenager).

That means that the black keys on the upper floor of the piano have to be different in color from the rest of the keys. For instance: if you put a black key on the top of the upper piano floor, all the other black keys show up on the bottom of the piano. The reason: because, as we said, every upper floor piano had the “black key of the upper floor”. So, when you put the black key on the lower floor of the piano, the other black keys just show up on the left in the corners of the piano, with no indication to you that any of them are the black keys.

Black keys are “special key-plates” (as my wife called them in the early 1980s) on the walls of a piano, with the black key (which, by the way, is actually just a part of the black key, which only allows you to “make that note”) sitting over the keys.

For your reading convenience, here are these black keys on the piano walls from the earliest days of the piano, until just a few years ago:

Here’s a diagram from the book by the late Frank Zappa on musical instruments. You can see in the upper right corner, the black key of the lower floor; in the lower right corner, the black key of the upper floor (black key); in the middle bottom (black); in the top left corner, the black key on the upper floor (black key); in the top center (black); in the bottom (black); in one corner, the black key on the bottom floor (black key); in three corners of the piano (black, black, black).

The first black key had a small hole for you to sit your finger on. Here it is sitting in the middle, in the center on top right, on

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