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You start by learning about music theory!

There’s a great book on this on my personal study website.

The book is called “How to Practice” by Richard Jameson and is a fantastic resource and there are many versions of it.

However I have a few favorite versions with my own versions of specific topics.

When to play a note for a particular accompaniment

When you are playing and looking around for ideas on a specific part in a piece.

When you are soloing and looking at what happens when you try an idea.

When you are playing in a major key or if you are playing in a major key but you are trying an idea in a minor.

These are the types of ideas that will improve your playing.

I’ve often had students ask me “When should I play this note for this accompaniment?”

It is always easier to think of a way to play the part than it would be to actually practice the part.

I don’t want to force it!

Therefore, if playing a note on the piano is not going to do you any good in particular situations, go ahead and skip to the next question.

I’m going to tell you how to decide when you should be playing a note for the piano accompaniment vs soloing a part on the piano etc.

For this question, I am doing three questions. One is when you are in a part and the accompaniment and the solo are in sync. The other two questions are when you are soloing and when you are soloing in some other place than your main part.

So which answer do you want.

So lets say you are in a major key and you want to solo a section of Beaumont and Deal.

In a key similar or identical to the piano part, you should do: Solo in major key instead of in minor key.

How to decide when you should play a note for a particular accompaniment

You should play this tune as a solo, not as a part.

If you play a solo in major key, you should play it as a part, not as a solo.

When you are playing the solo, you don’t have to keep thinking about how to play the part.

You should just focus on feeling and playing well as a solo.

I’d rather have you feel and play well as a solo.
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