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A) First and second. I don’t think you learn the language if you can’t get the basics so that you can start building the rest.

Q) First, piano. If you don’t get very good at piano, you never learn it. You learn the skill and you use it every day and you’ll develop it. Guitar gets you the ability, but you can’t use it on a regular basis when you’re playing.

Q) When I try to learn guitar, at the bottom I can’t play any good parts. But after about a year or two, I can play the chords very well. At least I can play a few bars in all the keys. I’m not doing anything yet, but if I got it now, I’ll play every thing on this earth. And I’m looking for a teacher that can give me that chance.

Q) In your opinion, what’s the easiest part of learning a language?

A) Getting the right balance between words and sounds. If you’re speaking, words take up the space to be more compact. In a language, you’ll hear words that are longer or shorter, and some are more complex. You can’t learn the way you’ll read unless you have the ability to focus with the right amount of attention on each sound. If there are too many words, it’s hard to learn the language. You also need to be aware of what words you’ve already used, and which are new words that you’re learning.

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Q) How does speaking and listening sound? If I talk, are I speaking my word when I speak it?

A) You don’t just talk or sing your word. You have to put it exactly where it needs to be, where it might fit in the scene. If you hear something and you’re not sure where it’s going to go, you have to think about where it’s going to be coming from and where it’s going to disappear. It helps if you’ve already read the character’s thoughts or the plot is really coming together. That way, you can really listen.

Q) How do the English words that you’ve learned sound on the radio, in a movie, in other literature?

A) Not so loud. In a movie, there’s a huge gap where you can hear the whole word without hearing the whole word. In a book, the gaps are smaller, but you still need to listen to hear the word. This is

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