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Learn the basics first and then if necessary work on specific abilities.

Will a good course on piano be expensive?

Not necessarily, as it can be much cheaper in the beginning. A good course on guitar is much more expensive. Some courses on piano cost between $100 and a few thousand dollars, and even if it is free, you need to purchase things (for instance, you may need to buy a course in music theory). These courses are also often not online, and it is difficult to find out about what is really going on in the course (for example, you may not find out when you start that the course is designed by a particular composer (or not?).)

Do beginners start with piano just because they’re beginners, or because they are interested in a particular instrument?

No, piano is not a beginner instrument. However, it is a medium to complex instrument and many people begin with it.

For example, pianist and composer John Cage famously played in a class for several years and then abandoned the piano.

Why does learning any instrument take a long time?

It depends on your level of learning ability, but there are different reasons. Music theory and technical skill (for example, writing a melody) require a lot of research, and this work can take time and require a lot of dedication. Playing in music class for three or four years is a big step in that direction; after that, the skills needed for most solo instruments need less time than for any other music instrument.

In some cases, even piano learning is easy! Playing a piece once a week or playing a small section once a day, and only gradually adding more is very easy. However, most beginners are not prepared to do that. They need to gradually strengthen the skills they are already good, and that’s a hard task.

What types of learning materials are good?

Many people who want to learn piano have the mistaken view that that no good learning materials are out there. There are a lot of online audio lessons, video lessons, and other materials out there that can be beneficial for beginning players. You will need to find the appropriate program for you though. In most cases, a beginner’s course on piano is not as useful as a teacher-led course, because you may find yourself making too many mistakes. You can also find many very nice online courses on how to play piano, that are not beginner’s course but are very useful.

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