Should I learn piano or guitar first? – Learn Piano Chords

For some musicians, piano or guitar is the key to building a sound. In this case, the guitar or the piano becomes one of many possible options for playing the piano.

While the piano and the guitar are the two major pieces of your instrument, they are the building blocks and foundation of your sound. Learning other instruments can give you many more options to explore, but there are some common musical instruments that we can use all throughout our lives.

Cello and Violin

Both instruments have excellent stringed instruments to play with, so they are excellent practice instruments for piano and guitar players.

Cello is a wonderful sounding instrument and is ideal for practicing your piano chords. Violin is also a great option for performing some of your fingerpicking, strumming, singing, and soloing skills. The violin can even be used to play some of the singing in your compositions.

The best way to learn all of these instruments is to play the chords at the very beginning of your practice session and then add more as you practice. As you progress, you can explore other instruments such as piano, cellos, and more.

How to Take Apart a Piano - YouTube

When it comes to learning your singing, learning to sing is the best technique. When you sing, you can hear in your head that your singing voice is working, which means you are getting better at practicing your voice on the instruments that you are most comfortable with.

When you sing, the main factor you should pay special attention to is your voice tone and range. If your voice is too shrill or too soft, you won’t be able to sing properly. In addition, you can use your practice session to play around with your voice range.

Coffee Table

You’re not going to learn every chord in every bar, but you will get a sense of where each chord changes in a song and where key is in a song.

A good practice session will not only help you learn your music well but help you pick up some great rhythm and soloing skills.

You can start with an old-fashioned coffee table sheet music to practice your chord playing on. It will help to memorize all that you need to know to get started on this technique.


You’ve probably heard of piano, guitar, and bass as good ways to learn your instrument and you might think that with that much going on, it will be easier if you pick all three instruments at once. Well

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