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I like to think that anyone who wants to get the most out of their education can learn whatever language or style of music that suits them best.

My school, Biola University, is focused on two things: the arts and sports. I teach the arts, of course, but I also have piano and martial arts classes as well. I love the fact that it really does connect the arts and the natural world.

Some people are hesitant to go the more academic direction in music because they think it’s too difficult. I think that’s bullshit. You’ll learn a lot about yourself by doing this. I’ve been able to connect more and more to the musicians I come into contact with in my school, because I find it very empowering.

What’s the easiest part of music to acquire?

One of my biggest lessons from my dad was about the power of patience. He taught me how a young person could learn a lot from listening to a piece that seems overly musical. I’m always trying to learn things in a more methodical manner – that’s what I love most about music.

The most obvious, I’d say, is the technical aspect involved in learning your own instrument. But there are countless other things that I’ve learned through watching the music of my peers that have allowed me to develop into the musician I am today. For me, music is a way to reconnect to the earth, my community, and to connect with all that the earth has to offer.

My favorite artist is Leonard Cohen, and I think that sums up the true essence of what music is to me: the power of connecting with your heart, your soul, with the earth itself.

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The measures are set out in EU rules after Britain voted to leave the EU.

Those making key decisions face the threat of EU rules being imposed on them, with EU regulators likely to impose sanctions on those they want to punish.

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