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You can ask a lot of piano players questions like that and the one who got the most in the first round was Andreas Rupp. This guy was asked how he learned his “little secret.” His reply was that he played all his songs on piano. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. He told us about the time when he was in Vienna and he had to play a couple of songs and it ended up being three weeks of hard practice on his piano. That kind of thing can really suck, but it is so worth it to learn from the best.

Do you have a favorite keyboard player or band?

We were lucky enough to hear an interview with Daniele De Lorenzo, who is a great player as well. Daniele was so amazing when we called him for our interview in Milan. I knew that he would do all of his homework to impress us and he did not disappoint.

What is your favorite song on the album?

When you see the cover it looks like “Take Me Away,” but then you take apart the recording. What does the song sound like? And what could it do for a rock band?

We didn’t have a song that made us laugh during the first time we heard it and it never made us go “holy crap that’s a beautiful song.” But, there are a few songs that we have heard that I believe might make you grin.

What is the one song in the album that you feel that everybody already knows, but it needs to be mentioned.

I hate to use the word ‘experimental,’ but it really feels like a “Rock Opera Soundtrack in Music.” We wanted to create an album where our music would have as much of an effect on the listener as possible. So we wanted to make the songs as catchy as possible. A song like “I Will Make the Killer” is really catchy, but I also wanted it to have a lot of personality. We wanted it to sound like an opera, but in music.

Is piano the hardest instrument?

When you ask a piano player for his answer they usually say he is just very good at playing piano. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. He said that it is the hardest instrument he ever learned to learn from. My question was, “So why don’t you teach me?” My response could have been, “Who cares about teaching?” But I wanted to get into the studio. At the moment, I

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