Is it hard to learn piano? – How To Learn Telugu Songs In Perfect Piano

KL: It’s hard, but that’s just how I am.

Do you think you are being asked to change you personality since she is a professional?
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KL: When I go out, I have a lot of fun.

As for the people’s expectations of you, would you be able to say anything?

KL: Maybe. I’m always a little nervous before a performance, but if you say anything you won’t be able to perform anymore. I’m happy I don’t have to say anything. (laughs)

Do you ever think of you having a different personality because of your profession?

KL: No, not when I’m playing. But if I play during a concert, if everyone’s thinking the same thing, the thoughts will make me feel weird. They’ll feel like it’s a joke. I don’t know if it has to do with the work being difficult or not. It’s the same way with all my songs and everything, but if I can’t do it, I’ll feel the same way as I was before. Sometimes it gets boring.

Do you think you would make it as far as your next solo album if you had less hard work?

KL: It’s not about how hard I have to work, it’s about everything is working.

How do you feel about this?

KL: When I started, a lot of people thought I would play as a rapper. Then I switched and I made myself a rapper. Now, the fans are all saying, “Hey, you’re an EDM performer!” (laughs)

How was your first time on a stage before you started acting?

KL: The first time I did acting on stage, I was terrified.

What did you expect?

KL: It’s scary when you’re nervous. To me, acting is just the same way as acting. The people that see me as an actor and think, “Oh, he’s a rapper.” That’s cool; all they see is a rap act. But me, I’m a singer too. So it’s not scary. It’s just different. It’s only when you’re an actor you’re constantly being looked at. But with me, if I see a crowd before the performance, I feel like I’m normal. So I don’t feel weird. I feel the same way that they do for me.


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