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We’ve asked three prominent teachers – the world’s most prolific teacher-turned-professional pianist, our readers’ choice of the 10 best pianists to follow on social media, and our choice of the 10 best pianists to work with.

Here’s a recap of how we went about creating this list.

The Best Professional Piano Teachers for Musicians (Editor’s Pick)

For our editors pick, we looked for professional teachers that both teach and inspire students. While this is hardly an exhaustive list, we’ve picked these teachers because we think they inspire students to learn.

In addition, we also looked to have them play music of real international caliber. We didn’t want to just give you two teachers from one country. These are experts across genres, from classical piano to choral music as well as jazz and even classical/opera/dance music. We’ve also added them all to our Best Music Teachers list.

Our Pick

Dr. David Williams – Professor in Music Education at St. John’s University, he’s a long-time teacher but also the owner of St. John’s Philharmonic Orchestra, a major jazz club in New York City.

Williams brings something that goes well beyond teaching pianos. His piano lessons (along with his piano performances) teach students about music and the musical world. Through his website, Williams teaches piano in his free time, often for free, all over the world.

He shares his lessons on piano, guitar and drums and provides lessons for guitar, percussion and percussion with no strings attached or hidden fees.

Check out his lessons.

His website,, has extensive teaching resources, and all of his lessons are free and available for online access.

We recommend him for piano teachers.

What Is The Best Piano Teacher to Follow on Social Media?

To determine this expert piano teacher as our editor’s pick, we asked readers to choose their top 10 pianist-to-follows on social media. Readers rated each teacher on a scale of 1-10.

Our reader’s top 10 is organized by genres and teachers. Music teachers were ranked from most popular to least, with teachers that teach choral music falling right behind, while pianists and singers were the leaders of the bunch.

Here’s who made the top 10 list …

1. Dr. David Williams – Professor in Music Education at St. John’s University


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