Is it hard to learn piano at an older age? – Beginner Piano Sheet Free

How about how difficult it is to acquire a lot of skills when there isn’t really any music in your life to learn?

To learn any skill, practice lots, lots of practice. Do it right now, this afternoon and go to the next practice, the next practice, the next practice! If you practice all day, practice more than your body can hold. Practice in your bed — you want to be able to get back to bed later. If there’s no music in the world you are just wasting hours and hours working on your technique.

Are you an introvert or someone who likes playing loud music? Are you self-confident and tend to act like a rock star when playing music? Are you a rock star?

Are you a beginner? The whole world is looking for you to be an introvert. There are so many introverts living in the music business today. Are you scared that the world has forgotten your ability to play music? It’s true. You know you can’t be an introvert and be a rock star. And, in the end, they’ll all be just as good as you.

Do you like to read or write stories, essays or poems?

This is a tough one. It’s very important to read. No amount of reading is going to help you if you can’t get outside and find a quiet place to do it. You can always read while sitting indoors and try not to think about yourself. When the sun goes down, read somewhere else — but mostly, you’ll be better off being outside.

Are you not very good at drawing? Do you not like drawing? Do you like pictures? Do you like making drawings? Did you have a dream to draw the Moon, the Sun and the Blackbird?

Drawing is a form of self-expression. A lot of my teachers and family loved drawing, but they didn’t understand why the kids in my class loved the art so much. They had no idea why I was not as good in it as my friends around me. I think they don’t think too highly of me as I am.

Do you like writing or doing music? Do you like poetry?

As soon as you leave home, write. That’s why you went to school – so you can write? I have to say this, poetry is something to write about! But it doesn’t always need to be about yourself. Sometimes, it can be about a group.

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