Is guitar harder than piano? – Best App To Learn Piano Chords

No, if you use both at the same time and put the left hand on the strings. That’s why the solo on “Eyes of You” is played on the guitar, when that is what you are good at, right?

The piano, the guitar, everything!

Yeah, and then also with drums. There are also some examples in “The Unforgiven.” That one was a very interesting example of a solo being built up with the drums.

Yeah. There are a couple of other examples, the example of the “Abandoned House” guitar. There’s the piano playing on “Eyes of You.” And “The Unforgiven.” There’s also “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” when the piano has played the melody.

Yeah. It does sound great together. The piano always takes center stage and the guitar takes a back seat. It sounds a little bit complicated, but that isn’t necessary to the fun. What happens is that when the instrument does the solo it makes the melody more complex or the music more fun. If the instruments are playing together in a kind of harmony, it might make music more interesting.

What do you find more inspiring, the more complicated solos or the ones from other composers.

Well, with other composers the solos are very complex. So if you are an improviser you really enjoy them because you can make the solos less complex. I like them much simpler than the music from a modern concertante. That’s because in those things, the music is trying to be complex. And I think it’s interesting to just listen to a simple composition and try to make it really different somehow, without having to be afraid of the whole thing. Some really interesting ideas will happen. The stuff with the “Abandoned House” is very interesting.

That sounds like a great example for guitarists. The whole solo is very short. You use a very wide scale in your playing. A lot doesn’t even sound like solos or drum solos. What’s the trick to creating this kind of simplicity?

Well, for the solo, I try to make the melody sound like an interval. And for my solo on “The Unforgiven” I try to use the guitar and the piano to create these intervals while they’re playing. That’s what makes it sound like an interval. And then I have to add some chord changes on top of it.

“The Unfor

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