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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an inexperienced beginner with good keyboard skills and enough practice get frustrated and realize he has almost zero experience playing piano. That’s not to say that you can’t get good at piano, but it’s more a case of playing the right piano and then getting good at the piano without worrying as much about technical nuances.

How much will learning piano cost?

Just about anywhere from $500-2500. The key thing to remember is that you will need a piano in some kind of format to do the majority of the practice you’ll do for any given level (like solo piano class) but not necessarily be able to afford a new one. At most, I’d say your costs will be around $750.

Where to learn piano

I do not feel like there are any absolute best places to learn piano or which ones are best. There’s no one right way to learn piano. The most I can say is here are some areas where you can probably learn the most in terms of what you’ll do with your time.

Learning piano in groups. This is a great place to learn piano. There’s a great chance that someone at the piano is very experienced or an excellent teacher. The person on stage is not an expert and is usually teaching you things you don’t need to know but will certainly like. I’m a big fan of groups because you can practice the piano together at the same time (and that’s important) and everyone gets great feedback, the teacher has the right idea and can teach the right lessons. When you’re playing piano together, everyone is taking something as simple as “take the fourth” or “I know this key.”

Learning piano in your own home. You can rent a piano and go play it. You have to learn how to play to use a piano, though; you can’t just play anything you hear. In your home, you’ll go through the piano and memorize the notes. I recommend renting a piano if you have the time because you’ll be learning much more quickly. You might also want to learn to play on a professional keyboard; you’ll get some great feedback and it might be easier if you don’t need to be sure how to play.

Learning piano by yourself.

For the best results, learning piano in your own home has a few problems. First, you’ll likely have lots of time (and a lot of practice) but you’ll be relying on other

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