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What I did was I got the parents of the person I was going to be teaching them to do the homework, and that was me. I was going to call up with the numbers and say, please help find a piano teacher. They didn’t know who to call. I ended up calling about 15 different teachers in a four-hour day, basically, of phone calls to people. I didn’t even call people for a couple of days, and I remember driving back to the same house, looking at the screen on my phone, going, Oh my God, why am I so stressed? I’ve never done things like that ever in my life.

And then the person I’d been teaching was going to help us out, and when I’d done that I realized, well, that means I’m already screwed. I’m not going to get the teacher, and then I was like, OK, then I’d rather do all this studying and reading. I’ll be fine here. I’ll do all this and there’s no risk. So we talked about the course and realized there definitely were benefits to working on my own. We took the homework assignment that we had, the whole homework-for-study thing, and went out and did it. The only thing we’d missed from the teacher was something.

There was a section where I was teaching piano on a sheet music sheet. I thought there was a piano that a student could use it. It’s just not there. I mean my teacher had the right sheetmusic, but there wasn’t anything like it. I put the sheet music up on my Web site with some notes about everything like how to read music, where the keys should be, whether keys should be played with the left hand or right hand. I’d gone to all the trouble, and I asked one parent, and they were like, ‘oh yeah, that’s not there, but that’s exactly what I expect at other pianists, and it’s not on the sheet music we’re doing.’ And then we read this article somewhere about the violin or cello or piano or something, it’s like they were talking about us and then I figured I was a little bit off. So I sat down with my student the next day.
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And in about 12 minutes this kid was reading a sheet music of about 10 music notes, just piano notes. I mean that was more than any other student I’d taught. He could do it in less than a minute. I thought

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