How much does Flowkey cost? – Best Free Ios Learn Piano App

We charge $19 for three months. You may cancel at the end of any three-month period for any reason; however, if you cancel within thirty days of receiving your subscription, we will then automatically renew the subscription for the next four months at the lower rate. To cancel, email Your credit card will be charged after the end of each three-month subscription period. You can also cancel at any time during the billing period, however, to do so we recommend you wait up to fourteen days before resubmitting your payment.

What does it offer?

Flowkey enables you to export your Flowkey data in both CSV (.csv) and XML (.xml).

How does it interact with my company or other clients?

Flowkey provides our customers with access to their Flowkey data across a variety of devices including iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ devices and Android™ tablets. Users can easily export their data to Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Google Docs or any other supported remote storage service. Once exported, users can either open the file in a web browser or export to their internal company files using a web browser or cloud service provider such as DropBox™. To access data, you must have a Dropbox account. You can also export to a Google Drive, Google Drive™, Google Play Services™ or even share this data with your colleagues, clients or anyone else.

How will you know when my data is updated?

Flowkey periodically publishes updates to our Flowkey web and mobile application and our Flowkey mobile app. These updates do not require any access to your data. The current user interface, or “flow key” is what our users see when they view their data.

How are my emails delivered to me?

All notifications from Flowkey are delivered via email as soon as the date is published on the Flowkey website or mobile app.

My subscription automatically renews unless canceled at the end of the billing period. Do I get a grace period?

Flowkey provides customer discounts on the price of subscription for one year. In order to receive the discount on your next subscription, you must cancel your subscription within thirty days of the publication date. If you wish to cancel sooner , you should contact us at, or you can follow these instructions below:

To cancel your subscription at any time within thirty days of publication, please email us at You will

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