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Here’s how much it will cost you to practice.

Note that your expenses for the basic piano courses you take will increase once we add in our fees (which are $35 per course and $70 per year) and your tuition. You will pay a total of $300 over the course of the piano apprenticeship.

If you already have a piano at home, you can continue to use it throughout the course of the piano apprenticeship. If not, we recommend taking one of our piano lessons. We also accept payment through PayPal for the piano lessons.

If you do make it to the apprenticeship, your piano is yours forever, but you now owe $120,000 in rent and utilities. If you don’t pay these debts, we may take the piano to the county auction.

If you want to purchase the piano, we’ll sell it to you if you get the $120,000 in cash back!

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If the answer to that is that he’d just be another Bush, I say, well done.

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