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“Five years,” she says. “That’s all I can really ask.”

But not everyone, she insists, takes it that way, that long.

A new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science shows that a series of burials on the north island of Maui were not just from a single group but from three.

This finding has a lot of implications for the discovery process. The authors examined the bones of a man who’s been classified as a high frequency burrower: a man who, during a seven-year period, buried around 300 animals at the peak of his killing season.

In doing so, the group responsible for those deaths was actually larger than one would expect given that a high frequency burrower was likely to get at least one animal from each burial. Instead the numbers of animals that were buried are all smaller. The researchers also found that only four of the man’s burial sites contain any bones from four different animals; three of his bones come from only one.

They call this the “five-for-one” method, and conclude that only two burials were made by an individual who used that method; one individual probably just picked the wrong animal, and the third was made by two different individuals.

The man’s death period lasted between 7.7 and 7.8 years, an early end. This is the reason why he may not have had much opportunity to be selective to make such good use of the animals; he had to do something after only two years at the peak of his killing season to avoid the problem of killing the wrong animals. And it isn’t likely he did.
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If you want to improve your own strength and performance in the gym, then you’re going to need to consider the following:



Muscle fatigue

Frequency of training

The above considerations are very important to keep in mind when programming your workout. It is possible to have very long and hard days, or extremely short, easy days, and still have a good training capacity. I am not saying that you should always go for an extreme intensity and volume. The general recommendation is to choose a combination of short, difficult, and very easy days, which will be used to strengthen and condition every week, and thus will make it more difficult for your body to fatigue. For strength training, such days also have been found to

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