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Piano Piano is the term used when I’m talking about a keyboard with white keys. I think this makes for a better picture than, ‘The white keys on a piano.’ White keys refers to the sound you expect from a piano, but it’s always best if you listen to the sound when you’re playing with headphones.

It’s a sad day in America for two-bit movie theater owners: The Washington Post is reporting that movie theater chains are cutting their prices in the face of increasingly expensive video entertainment, a situation in which prices are rising for consumers and declining to movie theaters that can afford it.
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The price increases are largely a reaction to increasingly high rental rates across a wide range of movies, which The Post reports have risen by as much as 70 percent.

“Renters are not going to see a decrease in pricing in response to this.”

“One company that does not increase its prices, however, is Blockbuster, the dominant retailer of rental electronics,” The Post says. That company “didn’t respond to requests for comment.”

According to The New York Times, the new price increases come as a result of growing competition among these video service providers. Movie theaters and subscription services like Hulu are getting into the game with a mix of new programming, subscription offerings and new movie rental features. “As the movie business has changed, so too has the movie rental business,” The Times says.

In October last year, the average price for a single rental movie was $1.27 on Blockbuster, $1.34 on Vudu and $1.52 on iTunes. That’s up by over 13 percent from 2012. By contrast, average rental rates last year for movies on a local cable network were about $1.05, up slightly from a year earlier. At the same time, a new rental of a VOD movie was about $3.14 on Blockbuster.

According to the paper’s estimates, Netflix alone has sold at least five million new movies in a day in December alone.

“The number is increasing at the same time [that] customers are moving from traditional movie theaters to ‘on demand,’ where they can watch virtually any movies in the world in a single, cheap transaction,” The Times explains.

The paper says that as more people move to the “on demand” model, it can make prices for movie rentals more competitive. But as you can see, in terms of entertainment, people don’t much care about

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