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There are two main keys for piano: the E key has 7 sides, the C key has 7 sides. So there are four strings on the instrument.

Which comes first? The piano keys or the keyboard?

We usually say the piano keys and keyboard. But when people are learning to play piano, their parents often make them play together. For example, a child will pick up a piano and then a keyboard simultaneously.

Which is harder for adults to learn: learning an instrument in the classical way or in pop music style?

We think classical music is easier. It gets easier with more exposure, repetition, and study. In the pop style, things are very random, and it’s more difficult. But we tend to find that adults are more apt to learn a keyboard style later in life from pop or classical musicians.

What are the advantages of doing these exercises in class when practicing at home: not having a teacher to help you; there’s a lot of time to focus on the notes?

There are many advantages to doing this exercise in class, and there are advantages to having someone working with you in a different voice than you’ve used so far (the child). I also recommend playing along with the teacher’s instructions. If nothing says “this is the note that goes here” the teacher has taught. If you make mistakes, you can always take back your ideas.

Which are the biggest differences you see using different keyboards?

It’s very important to know different keys in order to be able to play them exactly. I have to use the “D” key on a violin to play the melody line. It’s a very different sound, and I have to use very different fingers to play it. Even if you’re not playing with fingers, it can be very important to be able to play the keyboard.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of doing this in class?

My favourite thing to do when practicing is doing this kind of exercise, because then you’re learning how to play with different fingers, and different scales, and different strings. The key’s always just there, and the teacher is just providing guidance. You can do all this in a couple of minutes at home with your teacher.

How do you play the piano in different keys?

I have five different finger settings. I use three fingers to play the middle C note, the fourth fingers to play C, and so on through all four strings.


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