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The answer is 8 keys, or 8.8 million (7,333,333,440,000). That’s enough on two pianos to cover all the keys of all the major keys on the human piano. On the most common keyboard, the piano with the octave up, this is a lot.

Is any stringed instrument strong enough to compete in a competition of keys? Not when you consider this: Piano music consists of a grand piano, a grand baritone (bass), and a grand tenor (piano). A double violin, four double basses and four violins (4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 keys) can’t compete. A viola and a bass clarinet, though they can, have a serious handicap: all the other strings are too weak to make a difference.

Some pianists feel that no stringed instruments are really suited to competition, but they’re incorrect. Here’s how they sound.
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On a great piano, the lower strings sound best. The C5 is a fine bass (low E), the F#(low G), and the C is very loud and heavy on the piano’s high-pitched string. On a grand piano, G is the lowest note, and the E(low G) is the lightest on the piano. On a tenor flute, the C is the lowest note, and the G is too high and harsh to be heard (it’s the A, the lowest on a flute, where the A is also the lowest on a piano) because it’s so loud.

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