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When does the time for playing music begin? What’s the typical duration of piano practice? How long does it take me to play all the required notes? What is the average time for each key? How long does it take me to play some notes of a scale? How do I determine when a key (or chord) is finished playing? How do I learn to play a chord? How do I determine if I’ve been playing correctly, and is it playing well? How do I improve my accuracy?

The average time taken to learn to play a chord or key is 5 to 10 repetitions of the scale, which takes about 45 minutes for beginners. When learning the root position of a chord, the duration varies due to chord scale changes, and some of these may need additional time.

As a general rule, any music scale you learn must be played back to back, on time and with the right hand. As you progress you will be able to play through scales that are more complex than what you are used to. As you build the hand you can also improve your ability to hear what’s coming up next on the fretboard; to play through chord changes; to see chords and chords in your head (to learn to read music theory.)

How do I get better in the piano?
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There are so many things to practice and you have to do it individually and in small steps. If you like learning in small steps then you should try piano practice for piano (PPP).

PPP is a weekly practice program in which you practice each chord or scale (as well as some exercises) five-to-10 times.

First, you will have to decide that what you want to practice is just practice (no matter how much or how little), and you can do whatever works best for you.

You can start with one exercise or go forward as your interest develops (although if you practice too hard you may not hear anything you don’t expect to.)

The key to this is to be open to any way you can practice. You have an unlimited amount of time to play this music. You always can play with new friends, new teachers, or your teacher.

If you practice something new you should do it just once while you learn how it feels, before you go away to practice something new, just be prepared to go back and practice to the same difficulty.

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