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If it’s not an electronic keyboard that you have, you should know that there are about 10,000 different keys on the piano. Each is uniquely shaped and has its own characteristics.

Most pianos have 1,400, so here’s a handy cheat sheet:

Key Width = Key Distance

Key Thickness = Key Radius

Key Thickness = 0.06″

Key Radius = 1.35″

Each is unique. Each has its own key, and each has its own diameter, range, and hardness.

What keys fit the hand?

In theory, when a key is pressed, it will register a sound.

This means, when holding it down, the finger would register the sound and feel it hit. But how accurate is a finger to a piano key that hasn’t moved? I’m glad you asked!

The piano has a number of sensors along the way that allow it to detect pressure and vibrations, which is why it can move to adjust its sound and register the keystroke.

So how do we feel the keys as they are pressed?

It depends on the piano:

Smaller keys – They tend to be more sensitive, but are a fraction of an inch thick.

Medium sized keys – They have larger keys, and are a bit thinner; they are very sensitive, but they are also a whole lot less thick.

Key Spots – Smaller keys are much harder to register, but they’re also a good deal less difficult to see with an optical sight.

How do we move from one sound to another?

For simple sound, a small amount of pressure on the finger will register it as a sound.

For more complex sounds, the key needs to have large and strong forces applied. Think of a car, which has a large pressure plate mounted between the engine and the dashboard. The more weight that plate puts on the instrument, the less force it can put on the piano, which results in an increased sound. More force results in more pressure on the finger, which produces a louder sound.

The key that fits you is determined the amount of force you must put on the key to make the key feel like a sound. This is not something that will change over a lifetime, and so it doesn’t matter if you have an “old school” piano.

Which keys are right for me? The first thing is, do I know what

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