How many hours should you practice piano? – Basic Piano Notes For Beginners

The answer depends really on your personal abilities and what you like to do. My own experience is that I can play pretty good piano music when I’ve managed to stay on the right key. If that is the case, I recommend practicing every day. The reason is that I’m still able to hear that the music on the cello is good and just by staying on the right key, I’m able to detect the sounds of the violin in the background. As soon as you are able to play with your left hand, you’ll be able to play with your right hand. If you can practice that way for a whole day, it will make a huge difference.

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the piano? What is your favourite instrument or piece of music to compose music for? Did you follow any music theory books before starting up your little musical career

My favourite music is classical ones like Tchaikovsky and Schubert. These are the music I hear the most. Most of the time they are the kinds of pieces that are taught in schools. I like Bach particularly. I like a good Chopin and a Mozart too. I try to compose musical pieces. It’s a combination of my personal taste and my taste for music.

How long did it take you to create this instrument for yourself? As a professional what do you take as your responsibility to create better instruments?

Initially I was just a pianist. After I had to study music theory in school, I became increasingly inspired by other pianists. I started trying out different kinds of instruments and eventually decided to take on something small, like a cello. Then I started experimenting with other things as well, like creating a musical instrument for children, a flute, or a trumpet. A trumpet was the perfect instrument for this.

What is the most important part of the instrument?

It doesn’t need to be too expensive or a lot of other instruments. In comparison to the cello it requires a little bit more setup so you won’t need the large instruments with an expensive sound system. In comparison to other instruments it means that instead of doing everything by yourself, you might have to go online and order the parts just like you would with a piano. However the part does cost quite a lot less and a bit more time so it is a good option for someone with a busy schedule.

You were born and raised in Israel and have lived there for the last two decades. I also happen

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