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“I will be the one to make my case and if they choose not to, I will go to the voters and see if I can bring my ideas to it,” he said. “And in the state of Alabama, we’ve got a great opportunity to show to the world that government cannot keep a promise, and that Americans will be better off when government is less than it is…The time has come to re-evaluate our federal government’s approach to our nation, our nation’s borders, our security. It would be a real shame to leave an administration, and this country, that was founded on a promise not to break the promises.”



Trump’s remarks came after House Republicans passed a bill late Tuesday night to repeal the Obama-era regulatory program known as net neutrality and replace it with an internet provider. While Democrats, as of late last night, remained steadfastly opposed to the repeal, Republicans largely had a free hand to craft the legislation.

While the House bill’s passage was expected, it is not yet final. Trump has threatened that the legislation will be a political disaster for the Republican Party and a massive victory for Democrats, many of whom saw the Republican Congress as insufficiently supportive of the president, especially after the congressional probe into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia last December.

The bill does not go as far as Trump would like, however, and the White House has indicated it will likely keep an important feature of the net neutrality program intact — barring internet service providers from blocking access to particular websites or interfering with the websites’ traffic.

The most common type of dementia occurs in the elderly and causes confusion and disorientation, with the person often having difficulty remembering the sequence of events or how the incident or incident has occurred.

In dementia , the patient’s memory may be impaired – they may forget key details or may be unable to recall events that occurred long ago. In dementia , the patient may lose cognitive skills and can no longer follow routines. These deficits typically are more noticeable in cases where the patient is older, is more sedentary and/or has a poorer quality of care. These symptoms have been linked to a poor response to cognitive enhancing drugs given as prevention.

Diagnosis in older adult patients

Initial diagnosis of dementia in an

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