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One of the questions that often comes up is “how long does it take to learn piano for adults”.

Unfortunately, you can’t know that answer unless you take action.

If you want to learn piano for the first time, the best way to learn piano for piano players is to start with an adult piano instructor at an accredited piano school.

Many players find that an adult piano instructor gives them a better starting point.

Why should I start as an adult piano instructor?

While there are many ways to learn piano from an adult, we’ve found the following tips are most beneficial to new piano instructors:

The more you practice your piano, the more you can hear the notes on the piano. This is a big part of learning piano! The more familiar you feel with the piano, the higher your chance of picking up a note you didn’t see before. The faster you practice and master the piano, the faster you will start to hear and recognize all of the notes.

Some of the most important skills for a successful piano instructor are:

Playing with practice, in both a classroom setting and in your studio! You want to be able to focus on playing a song without thinking about any other note. Learn how to play the parts in a song on the piano – that means you have to be able to play chords or strum with your hands. Use the piano to listen to the melody and to play chords. Being able to read a piece or a piece of music on the piano. Learning to read, write, play and sing. You want to be able to play piano songs well from the very beginning.

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