How long does it take to learn the piano? – How To Learn To Play Piano For Beginners Free

Does it take you a lifetime? I think the first two weeks is a lot easier than the six months that it takes me. It is about the same time to learn to play the piano as it is to learn to read a book.

How do you go about finding music for your music-based life? I find music by listening to it. I’m quite like a bookworm in a sense, so I’ll hear things that aren’t too music-oriented and see what I can come up with that has a sense of humour. It helps to keep track of what is popular right now.
How to Learn to Play Piano on Your iPad

A few weeks ago you were on the road for a week with your band, the New Pornographers . What was that like for you, being on the road for such a long stretch of time? I’m lucky to be at the age where I can’t really plan things out too much . I’m lucky to be able to just do the one album at a time, because I don’t have a timeline to follow. I always end up just making music, and once you give it that bit of attention, everything else kind of falls into place.

How do you like playing music in your everyday life? I enjoy it – it goes along quite well with other things in life to be honest. I like to keep things lighthearted, because you don’t get stuck in too many thoughts.

Do you have any particular hobbies that you do just because you like them? My hobbies are mostly music. Maybe that’s a little bit limiting, since it’s like I’m saying some of my hobbies might be a bit too much. I just think that we’re all different people. I’ve always been a musician, I’ve always wanted to play the piano or violin.

What instruments do you use professionally? I use a lot of different kinds of wood. I use a lot of different wood in the way that I play music – I play in a way where it always seems like each chord and note is a little bit different. Some people would call that playing a different instrument. Other people might call it playing a more classical way of playing. I definitely like playing a variety of different instruments. It’s fun to experiment with different sounds and different sounds to put into whatever you do.

Do you have any other interests outside music? Sure, really. When I was on the road with the New Pornographers for a week, I did some guitar lessons where everybody just sat in there playing through songs.

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