How long does it take to learn piano? – Best App To Learn Piano Reddit Mma Live Stream

It really depends on everything. It would take from 1 to 5 years. But if you are a piano teacher, you cannot do a bad work. When you do good, then you can start the training.

Do you ever have kids?

I have a daughter but I stopped playing piano when I had my son. She is a student here, but I haven’t met her.

Do you find playing music good in moderation or on a regular basis?

In moderation. But I never listen to this music when I am playing. I like it when I feel relaxed. You can listen it anywhere, but when you play it in your mind, you can’t stop yourself. You can’t listen, think and concentrate. I prefer silent listening.

How much practice do you need for you to be sure of doing the best you can?

I don’t need too much practice. I have no problem. I am very good. What I do needs less and less time.

How long do you usually have to practice a given piece?

Two, three hours. But once a week you must play the piece for 10, 15 or 20 minutes if you don’t have the time to do it in one whole session.

Do you have different ways for improving an individual piece?

No. I like trying out different things. You need to be a bit flexible and to put yourself on the spot, not always on one way. You might be surprised at how good different notes are, but you have to try.

Would you ever like to change the instruments you play to improve, or to make it more complex? Or would you prefer to stay the same?

No. I think it is not possible to find a musician’s way. You need to listen and ask yourself: Does it make sense here or there? You won’t hear any changes until at least some years later. And if you play something and it doesn’t sound good, then it’s okay to have it. Sometimes you’ll be asked in advance to play this piece, so that I can think about it. But I don’t like doing it right away.
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What are your thoughts towards modern music? Which ones of which do you most enjoy or dislike?

The first thing I like are the jazz bands. I find their sound interesting. Their music has a good sound to it. But their style of playing varies a lot. I don’t like pop, because

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