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Before starting up the first piano lesson, it is important to establish a good way of teaching your first lesson. This means that you should work with your teacher to find a way to introduce your student to the piano (a technique known as teaching to the music). There are a whole range of ideas on how to teach with the piano which should include:

Making a piano scale on a sheet of paper

Creating your student’s first piano chords

Piano Chords: How to Play Major Chords on Piano and ...
Using a coloured pen and a piece of paper (a ‘paper piano’) to create a piano scale or chords

Writing words (or a rhyming sentence) on the paper to help your student understand how to play a particular piano instrument

A few of the techniques you should consider using are as follows:

Make the piano scale on a piece of paper

Piano chords

Writing words down on the piece paper

Using a coloured pen and a piece of paper (a ‘paper piano’) to create a pianistic scale or chord.

Make the piano scale on a piece of paper

Your first piano lesson will be in your own home. You need to make it a comfortable and enjoyable place for your student to begin learning to play the piano (you can find a number of strategies on how to set up a music room suitable for piano lessons at the following webpage).

This can take some time, but it’s essential and you can find plenty of tips for beginning piano lessons on our Piano Lessons Help page – you can also download these tips into your own personal tutor’s personalised email folder for later reference.

When you are ready, choose a piece of paper and draw a piano scale with the keyboard. It can start with a single note, or it will depend on the size of your sonnet. Make sure you leave a bit of space at the bottom and the top, so the student can work out how much sound space is available to them. Make note of the length of the scale and the key. When you are done you should have a piece of paper that you can write down a number of notes that your student should be able to play on either chord or scale. This can be copied and pasted into the piano lessons instruction guide in any word processor, computer or even your mobile device!

Make your student’s first piano chord

You should have a scale on a piece of paper and some musical notation – your student will learn the scale in the piano lessons lessons.

The first step

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